Diamond Multimedia R9 270X Review - Overclocking




Diamond Multimedia R9 270X Review

AMD’s Catalyst Control center gives you all the setting you will need to overclock this card; core and memory frequency control, fan speed control, and power limit control. To increase clock speeds the user can either increase the voltage or reduce the temperature, both of which will increase your overclock. Since you cannot increase the voltage on 99% of R9 270X, your only option is to reduce the temperature, luckily DMM has you covered with a nice aftermarket heatsink. 

Diamond Multimedia R9 270X Review

My overclock was to 1210MHz on the Core and 1550MHz on the memory, I could go higher but not with much stability (aka. I could idle at desktop up to 1250/1590 pretty easily, but not run vantage or furmark). These results are in line with what we have seen for most R9 270X with Elpida memory.


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