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Sin’s Hardware is a small website operated and updated by Steven Bassiri and a few other staff members. We specialize in computer hardware reviews; however we take them a step further than other sites by thoroughly going over every aspect of the hardware. We also might use extreme testing methods such as using oscilloscopes to measure a motherboard’s VRM ripple, or by freezing different components to see how far the hardware can overclock which shows its durability. We also like to bring you guys factual information rather than biased feelings about products, so expect results and part numbers listed, not marketing such as “super-duper ferrite trooper inductors” instead expect things such as “60A 0.8uH Ferrite Core Inductors”. If you do not understand the meaning of the second do not worry as Sin’s Hardware is dedicated to bringing technical knowledge down to a level that anyone can understand. We also have our famous VRM list and articles, which take a lot of time and effort to put together, and which can only be found here.

If you are a manufacture and would like to apply to have your product reviewed please email us at sin at sinhardware.com. We are extremely busy at this moment and have more hardware than we can really deal with, so if your product is new and exciting then we will accept it for review. We do not accept money for reviews and we do not have anyone on staff working for any manufacturer. 


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